About me

Hi, I am Chaoxing Huang. I am a PhD student at the CUHK Lab of AI in Radiology (CLAIR), the Chinese University of Hong Kong, expected to graduate in 2025 . My current research falls in deep learning and medical imaging, with particular focus on the application of deep learning in quantitative MRI (qMRI).

I am actively looking for research position in both industry and academia, feel free to contact me.


  • I am going to have a power pitch presentation and digital poster at ISMRM 2024 at Singapore (May 4th - May 9th), looking forward to catching up.
  • 2023/10 One paper is accepted to Physics in Medicine & Biology(IF = 3.5, Acceptance Rate = 33%).
  • 2023/04 One paper is accepted to EMBC 2023 (Oral)
  • 2022/11 One paper is accepted to Physics in Medicine & Biology(IF = 4.174, Acceptance Rate = 34%).
  • 2022/03 One paper is accepted to MIDL 2022 (Poster)

Selected Publications

Journal and Conference Full papers
[1] Huang, C., Wong, V. W. S., Chan, Q., Chu, W. C. W., & Chen, W. (2023). An uncertainty aided framework for learning based liver T 1ρ mapping and analysis. Physics in Medicine & Biology
[2] Huang C, Qian Y, Hou J, et al. Uncertainty-weighted Multi-tasking for $ T_ {1\rho} $ and T $ 2 $ Mapping in the Liver with Self-supervised Learning. EMBC 2023
[3] Huang, C., Qian, Y., Yu, S. C. H., Hou, J., Jiang, B., Chan, Q., … & Chen, W. (2022). Uncertainty-Aware Self-supervised Neural Network for Liver $T
{1\rho}$ Mapping with Relaxation Constraint. Physics in Medicine & Biology
[4] Huang, C., Qian, Y., Hou, J., Jiang, B., Chan, Q., Wong, V., … & Chen, W. (2022). Breathing Freely: Self-supervised Liver T1rho Mapping from A Single T1rho-weighted Image. Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) 2022